Resources for Students

S-lab provides resources and mentorship for all stages of project development that explore the nexus of sustainable design; from idea conception to implementation. We offer a creative environment to design a new product, house your campus club meeting, join an ongoing research endeavor, satisfy capstone requirements, or provide for other functions we have not even thought of yet. See below for a list of helpful links that can help guide you to wherever your project takes you.


Find a Project: Are you a student looking to find your place in the S-lab? Take a look at our resources for individual students:

  • Find a team - Find who's looking for your skills in our marketplace (coming soon!)
  • Ongoing Projects - Get in contact with an existing group or apply to resume an open project
  • On Campus Mentors - Connect with one of our UCSC mentors
  • Related Labs and Researchers - Connect with an academic research group related to S-lab
  • UCSC Student Organizations - Organizations with resources for students

Current Project Groups: If you've already formed a group or joined S-lab, here are some useful links:

Start-ups: Want to take your project to the next level? Here are some resources to get started:

  • CIED - UCSC's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development
  • IDEA Hub - Apply to work with teams and incubators across campus
  • Hackathon - Show off your teams skills in a 3-day event!
  • Carbon Slam - Compete with groups from around the UC system 
  • How to register a start-up - Some basic info to get you started

Senior Capstone: Follow the links for requirements and appropriate forms for EE, CE, ENVS capstone credit, and program credit with S-lab's academic partners: