The Sustainability Lab at UC Santa Cruz

Mission statement: The Sustainability Laboratory (S-Lab) is a center for student innovation and leadership both on and off campus. Our facilities and mentorship are geared toward fostering student, faculty, and community ingenuity from project conception to deployment, facilitating a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to sustainable design and development. We welcome and support projects situated in the nexus of renewable energy technologies, urban food systems, and water security.

S-lab is a makerspace and incubator for student-led projects. We provide functional indoor and outdoor research laboratories, workshops, prototyping and test equipment, meeting rooms and gathering spaces that encourage creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. Online and hands-on modules are available to facilitate foundational understanding in sustainable technologies, while S-lab fellows are on hand to provide field-specific and professional mentorship. Through interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration, S-lab links sustainability-focused efforts here on the UCSC campus, with those in the private sector and with the international community to form an integrated community of practice.

The S-Lab is accessible to all students on campus.