Environmental Stewardship & Social Justice

Slugbotics is a student organization at UC Santa Cruz focused on introducing students of any major  to underwater robotics and hands-on engineering projects. We design, program, fabricate, and test ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles) that are designed to complete complex tasks in a marine environment. After our ROV is constructed, we will take it to compete in the international Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) competition this June.

Goals and Impacts:

Our ROV for the 2019 competition will be capable of completing all tasks at the international event. These include: removing debris from and recovering a sunken plane engine, powering and leveling an underwater seismometer, placing a tidal turbine and its associated monitoring equipment, and attaching a velocimeter to a mooring at a given height.

We are a team dedicated to inclusivity and encourage any and all students to join us in our pursuit of STEM education. We believe that engineering is a mindset, not a major.

All of our work and lab space is within the S-lab at UC Santa Cruz. We are happy to be part of an organization whose goals are to advance sustainable practices in all aspects of design, fabrication and function. The collaborative environment created by having neighboring lab space to other sustainability groups on campus such as Formula Slug, Rocket Team, and WaterLabs allows us to troubleshoot problems, get suggestions, and learn more about other areas of engineering and sustainable design.

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