DROPS: Drought Response Outreach for Schools

Water Security

The DROPS project incorporates low impact development (LID) strategies to reduce onsite flooding, capture storm water runoff, and filter pollutants. Building on prior project work, this year's team (the Raingineers) is focused on developing lesson plans to teach local high school and elementary school students how to map flood conditions. These outreach activities can change our collective approach to sustainable water management through engaging students, city council members, and the Santa Cruz community at large. 


The current project will feature LID construction at Bay View Elementary as a demonstration of how schools can adopt conservation strategies while exposing the vulnerability of local water resources and impacts on climate action goals. LID features  planned for the Bay View Elementary demonstration site will include bioswales, raingardens, and a rainwater harvesting system.  This infrastructure will serves as a hands on tool for students to learn about hydrology and water systems management while satisfying Next Generation Science Standards.