Formula Slug

Formula Slug

Renewable Energy in Transportation

About Us

Formula Slug brings together a diverse group of students to collaborate on the most hands-on engineering project at UC Santa Cruz. We're designing and manufacturing an ecologically-conscious, open wheeled vehicle in just under six months, and inspiring tomorrow's engineers and leaders while we're at it.

image09We're a team of over 100 students from UC Santa Cruz. We come from a variety of majors and backgrounds, but we're all learning together. Members benefit from the most hands-on engineering team on campus, and an incredibly unique experience.

We work out of a combination of lab space and a machine shop, both on campus. Outside of our work spaces, we're at the beautiful UC Santa Cruz, with thick redwoods and abundant views of the coast. Furthermore, we do some of our work in the S-Lab at UCSC.

We value our members incredibly. Without the energy, time, and pure, unfiltered dedication that our people put into this project, we wouldn't have a car, much less a culture. The team is made up of three smaller teams: Mechanical, Electrical, and Operations.

About Our Sponsorimage21

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is an all-majors-inclusive engineering club that provides students with the opportunity to apply their academic learning to hands-on projects. ESW was established in 2014 with 20 members which has now grown to over 140 members. Currently, the club sponsors two projects: Formula Slug FSAE Electrics, and the Solar Recharging Station.

Read more about us at the Formula Slug Homepage.