Student Executive Board


Richard Alves

Samuel Ritzo
Renewable Energy in Transportation

Aaron Diep


Ryan Meckel


Duncan Bark
Vice President

Theo Kell
Water Management and Security


Jarred Beilke
Environmental Stewardship and Social Justice


Babandeep Singh
Sustainable Food Systems


Kenneth Jones
Sustainable Power Systems

Current S-lab Fellows


Wren Sakai
3D Fabrication & Troubleshooting


Kanoa Nakama
3D Fabrication and Troubleshooting

Staff at the S-Lab


Professor Sue Carter
Lab Founder
Professor of the Physics Department, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at UCSC

Sue Carter is a distinguished Professor at UCSC, where she has worked for over 20 years, and the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. She is also the Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development (CIED) and has founded several companies during her remarkable career.



Tela Favaloro
S-lab Director

Tela is a UCSC PhD program graduate and engineer. She is skilled in all stages of component and apparatus development for device testing: design prototyping, fabrication and assembly, and implementation, as well as instrumentation control and data acquisition. Her professional focus is on sustainable energy practices.



Katie Hellier
Graduate Fellow

Katie is a graduate student in the Physics Department and lab manager of Carter Labs, and the former lab manager of the S-lab. Her research focuses on the development and characterization of materials in photovoltiac systems, with an emphasis in thin-film devices. She specializes in fabrication techniques and a variety of spectroscopy methods. 

Former Undergraduate Assistants

Lydia Seymour
Undergraduate Research Assistant


John Baldwin
S-lab Fellow: Machine Shop

Milo Webster
Designer, Sensors Module 

11826068_798812923550912_6808203421042074084_nWalker Busby
Contributor, 3D Printing

Nico Galindo
Designer, Water Management Module

IMG_4542Brooke Basile
Website Manager